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    Add: Lin Zhen Xi Yang Village No. 2
    Tel:0510-80172518 80172528


    Textile, chemical fiber machinery mainly what type of bearing

    Q: textile, chemical fiber machinery mainly what type of bearing
    A: My supplier is engaged in textile machinery, they will use the following bearings: 2310,51109,6002,6005,8109,6206,5204, NU304, NU4911, etc., as do need to use twisted loom SI16SIL16.
    For more information about chemical fiber machinery, chemical fiber machinery, textile machinery with high-speed bearings, pieces of porcelain, please stay tuned to our official website www.xindingbaowen.com or call our service hotline: 0510-80172518

    Copyright:Chemical fiber machinery parts | false twist machine parts, textile machinery, high speed bearings, imported ceramic parts, Jiangyin Ji Tai Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. 備案號:蘇ICP備10024929號
    Products: TMT, MURATA, Muratec Barmag, Teijin machinery, Dongli machinery, Mary, jwell etc.

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